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The use of technology in the NBA during warm-ups

Before a recent Phoenix Suns NBA game we could see how some of their players, including Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal, jumped on a force platform. This same technology that we use in Optimo Sport is an interesting initiative to know the physical condition of our athletes, since in addition to knowing their jump height allows us to perform statistics to keep track of their performance and state of fatigue. A simple measurement that takes a few seconds, provides key data to adjust training loads and improve fatigue management of athletes, taking athletic potential to new levels. This method not only adds excitement to the warm-up, but helps us transform the way we understand physical preparation.

In the vibrant world of the NBA, where every jump, every twist, and every point makes a difference, measuring devices have gone from mere tools to essential elements in monitoring elite athletes. The measurement of jump height goes beyond a simple statistic; it is a symbol of the revolution taking place at the intersection of technology and sport. This breakthrough not only redefines how we perceive athletic performance, but also highlights the crucial role of Sports Big Data in the ongoing evolution of the game. In a world where every detail counts, accurate performance measurement has become the engine that drives athletes to new heights and teams that monitor these aspects will experience improvements in strategic decisions, injury prevention and performance optimization.

At Optimo Sport we not only use this technology to monitor and improve the performance of our athletes but also to study different deficits that pose a risk of injury and keep track during different injury processes, where we can check the evolution of the affected limb in isolation and make appropriate decisions to help them continue to progress during their injury.

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