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Optimo Sport

Key Role of Head Performance - MARTIN BUCHHEIT

Join Martin Buchheit for this transformative course, designed to explore the crucial role of Head Performance in elite sport, where he will share his strategies and experience, offering unprecedented insight into how to successfully lead top-level sports teams.

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Key Role of Head Performance - MARTIN BUCHHEIT
Key Role of Head Performance - MARTIN BUCHHEIT

Horario y ubicación

10 may 2024, 16:30 – 11 may 2024, 20:00

Optimo Sport, Estepona Hotel & Spa Resort, Playa Arroyo Vaquero, Autovía del Mediterráneo, KM 150, 29680 Estepona, Málaga, España

Acerca del evento

This course will be delivered by Martin Buchheit, a dedicated expert in sports performance excellence with over two decades of experience in professional sport. Martin has held significant roles at renowned clubs as PSG, Olympique de Lyon, Lille OSC, and the Aspire Academy, as well as providing consultancy for City Football Group. An esteemed author, he has contributed to over 250 scientific articles and is the author of 2 best-selling books. His ability to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and its practical application has positioned him as a reference in team performance optimization and personal development. Martin is committed to advancing the field of sports performance, mentoring professionals, teaching fitness and sports science courses, and speaking on the topics of high performance, leadership and EGO management in elite sports organizations worldwide.

Two-day certified course for up to 10 people in Optimo Sport Performance & Medical Center in Estepona:

Day 1: Fundamentals of the Head of Performance Role, Discipline Integration and Sports Planning.

- Introduction to the Head Performance Role

Exploring the impact and scope of the role in elite sport.

 - Application of an Evidence Based Approach

The importance of research and data in formulating high performance strategies.

- Integrating Medical Knowledge and Fostering Collaboration

Session focused on how strategies for integrating medical knowledge with sports performance and effective techniques for fostering a teamwork environment complement each other, maximizing comprehensive athlete care and being crucial to player and team development and success.

- Sports Planning in Elite Sport

Session on strategic planning, including preseason, full season and scheduling a typical week based on different scenarios.

Day 2: Advanced Strategies and Practical Application.

- Personalized Testing and Assessment

Methodologies for individual athlete profiling, based on Martin's extensive experience.

 - Strength and HIIT Programming:

Integration of strength programming and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), showing how these methodologies complement each other to maximize performance.

- Technology and Monitoring in day-to-day practice

Exploration of advanced technological tools (Encoders, 1080, Camera Termica, GPS, EMG, HRV) for performance analysis and monitoring.

- Specialization in Heat Training and its Application

Session dedicated to heat training techniques, with practical demonstrations.

Key Findings

Attendees will gain a deep and practical understanding of the Head Performance role, through the integration of disciplines, sports science, medical care, and effective team management. This course, based on the knowledge and experience of Martin Buchheit, is designed for high performance sport managers.


The course fee also includes lunch on the 11th.

For those interested in Hotel please contact us and we will offer you different options.


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